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Node graphics are used and outlined like any other property, through theStyle interface. Cytoscape lets you set customized graphics to nodes. Using the Style interface, you possibly can map Image/Chart properties to nodes like another property. Cytoscape offers a set of images and you can also add your individual pictures within the Image Manager, as well as remove or modify present ones.


To a session fileWhen you save the present session to a file, the photographs used within the current types shall be saved to that file. For example, in case you have a method with a discrete mapping for Image/Chart 1, all pictures used in the style shall be saved to the session file.

If this is true, the view parts will always be rendered in excessive element. If false, Cytoscape will select when it’s best to lower the extent of element to enhance performance.Scale Factor The zoom degree of the network view.Size The measurement (width and peak) of the community view. It could be discovered in the drop-down menu Properties → Size → Size.Height The height of the community view. It could be found within the drop-down menu Properties → Size → Height.Width The width of the network view. It may be discovered in the drop-down menu Properties → Size → Width.Title The title of the community view.

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  • This property can be added to the list from the drop-down menu Properties → Paint → Label Color.

Avoid altering this property directly via the Style panel.Edge Selection Whether or not edges are selectable. Avoid altering this property instantly by way of the Style panel.Node Selection Whether or not nodes are selectable. Avoid altering this property instantly via the Style panel.Node Label SelectionWhether or not node labels can be selected and repositioned manually.

If you format textual content the identical way incessantly, you possibly can create a Quick Style to apply that same formatting to any text. To create a new Quick Style, observe the steps below.

To add a graphic, first add one Image/Chart property to the properties list in the Style interface (on the Node tab, select Properties → Paint → Custom Paint n → Image/Chart n). Next, click on the Default Value column of the Image/Chartproperty to bring up the Graphics dialog. Select a picture, a chart or a gradient after which click on Apply.By default, graphics are mechanically resized to be consistent with the Node Size property.


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