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How To Choose A Turkish Towel

Turkish towels, woven in Turkey, are hand and bath items created in 17th-century Bursa. Wide and thin stripes make them absorbent, and they are also known as peshtemal, fouta, pestemals, and hammams. Turkish towels, known as fouta towels, are the first towel inventions, flat-woven cotton fabrics perfect for stylish bathrooms or dining rooms, with a unique striped design exclusive to Bali Market. In this article, we will talk about the various types of Turkish towels to consider as you go shopping.

Types of Turkish towels

  1. Coyuchi Mediterranean organic towel

The Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Bath Towel is a top-rated Turkish towel with a lightweight texture, fashionable pattern, and short drying time; available in five colours to match your style. This towel, made from traditional Turkish flat weave, is naturally absorbent, environmentally sustainable, and has a good quality rating due to its tight texture, smooth stitching, and sturdy seams. The Turkish towel, made of 100% organic Turkish cotton, has a smooth surface but feels less fluffy than other towels. Despite its higher cost, its elegant design and organic cotton construction make it worth the extra money.


  1. Quince Turkish quick-dry bath towel set

Quince Turkish Quick-Dry Bath Towels are luxurious, light, and silky, available in white or grey. They are tested for quality, texture, price, and stain resistance. The quick-dry towel dried quickly, without loose threads or stains, but failed the abrasion test, making it less durable than other towels examined. The Turkish towel set, despite breaking after 50 scrub brush strokes, remained durable after three months of regular use, making it an excellent choice for quick drying.


  1.  Brooklinen classic bath sheets

Brooklinen’s Turkish bath sheet, available in six colours and two limited-edition sets, is renowned for its absorbency, stain resistance, and robust design and is also certified by OEKO-TEX.¬† The towel, although not the softest, grew slightly after washing and dried entirely in less than 30 minutes for a 40×65-inch bath sheet.


  1. Charlton home Darcelle 100% Turkish cotton bath towels

The Charlton Home Turkish towel set includes a bath, washcloth, and hand towels in 16 colours. It features a decorative border and double-stitched hems, incorporating dye for vibrancy and colour preservation. The Turkish towel, despite being lightweight, took 75 minutes to dry and performed well in the abrasion test. It had some lint but no pulled loops and folded neatly for easy storage.


  1. Parachute Fouta stripe towel

The Parachute Fouta Stripe Towel is a hybrid towel that combines Turkish cotton’s absorbency with Turkish cotton’s lightweight, soft feel. It’s quick-drying, absorbent, and light. The towel’s smooth front is Turkish cotton with a long staple count, while the back is fluffy terry cloth.The towels are highly praised for their perfect weight, softness, and neutral grey and white striped pattern, making them a perfect addition to any bathroom decor.



In case you are looking for a Turkish towel, you need to consider the options listed above so that you can choose something great for yourself and something warm as well. You could always do more research to get the best towel for yourself.