5 Ways to Lose Weight After Childbirth


Breastfeeding can actually be used as a way to lose weight, you know, Mom! So, when the breastfeeding process takes place, the uterus contracts. This is able to make the uterus return to its original size faster than those who did not breastfeed. Apart from the size of the uterus, weight loss is also caused by the number of calories burned while breastfeeding.

Get some exercise

One of the roles of exercise as a way to lose weight is its ability to burn calories. What are calories? Simply put, calories are the amount of energy obtained through food and drink, which is then burned through a number of activities. Calories are needed by the body in order to carry out its functions properly. You also can consume proven pills to lose weight fast.

If the calories you get from the food you eat are more than the number of calories burned through activities, you can gain weight. New mothers are prone to being trapped in a condition where food consumption increases due to breastfeeding, while reduced activity due to the high duration of breastfeeding does not allow mothers to regularly exercise. Therefore, exercise must be scheduled regularly if you really want to lose weight.

Eat fiber-rich foods

If you are one of those who cannot stand hunger (especially during breastfeeding!), Consuming fiber-rich foods can be a way to lose body that is not too torturous. Foods rich in water-soluble fiber (soluble fiber) can bind fat and then excrete it with feces, so fat is not absorbed by the body.

In the intestine, soluble fiber will change into a kind of gel which can reduce the potential for diabetes, maintain cholesterol levels, and remove toxins in the intestine. Some examples of foods that contain soluble fiber are apples, carrots, cauliflower, oranges, corn, sweet potatoes. By consuming foods rich in soluble fiber, you are able to feel fuller for longer because these foods are digested longer in your intestines and are able to reduce hormones that cause hunger.

Reduce your sugar intake

Most diets recommend limiting the consumption of sugars and simple carbohydrates. The reason is, these foods and drinks are high in calories but not nutritious. If the number of calories that enter the body is more than the number of calories burned, the body weight will increase.

Reducing food calories

As discussed in the previous point, food calories play an important role in a person’s height and weight. Therefore, reducing the number of calories that enter the body can be an alternative way to lose weight.