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What Is Fine Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery?

There are many different variations of jewellery out there and they are put into two categories which are fashion jewellery and fine jewellery. You can pay very little for a piece of jewellery but you can also pay hundreds of thousands for a singular piece. Depending on the design and uniqueness of the piece.

What Is Fashion Jewellery?

Fashion jewellery, commonly known as costume jewellery, uses cheaper materials compared to fine jewellery. The majority of the time, if not all of the time, you will be spending much more money on fine jewellery compared to fashion jewellery.

The materials that you would usually come across for fashion jewellery are brass, copper and aluminium. These metals are the type that would damage easily and tarnish when you wear them. Fashion jewellery is not the type of jewellery that you would expect to last long. If it damages, you will probably struggle to repair it, not to mention that it would be easier to buy a new product.

Fashion jewellery is advised for those crazy nights out because you don’t know what you will get up to. Fashion jewellery is a great way to complement an outfit without spending too much money on the jewellery piece. Two types of fashion jewellery are:

Gold Plated

Gold plated jewellery will have a very fine layer of gold layered on top of the metal. The common metal with gold plated jewellery is aluminium, copper, brass or other cheap metals that are weaker than gold, silver and platinum. The process is adding a thin layer of gold on top of the other metal and binding them together with an electrical current.

Gold Vermeil

Similar to gold plated, however, this would be exactly 2.5 microns thick. This is much better quality compared to gold plated and adds much more value to the jewellery piece. This has been the more common type of fashion jewellery as it is much more durable compared to gold plated.

Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is where you are going to be spending a lot more money on higher-quality jewellery. Furthermore, this is the type of jewellery that you will see luxury fashion brands design and craft. Not to mention that it will be much more durable compared to fashion jewellery.

The common metals for fine jewellery are platinum, silver and gold. These metals will often be found in vintage diamond ruby rings as well as other gemstones that are worn for fine jewellery. The more common gemstones that you would usually come across with fine jewellery are garnets, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. In fact, you would often come across vintage emerald rings as vintage jewellery is in fashion at the moment.


There is a big difference between fashion and fine jewellery. If you are looking for a bit more style with your outfit but are stuck on a budget, you will probably need to look at fashion jewellery. However, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on jewellery then this would be more appropriate.