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Three Winter Jackets Every Man Needs

Winter season is officially around the corner which means it is time for thicker clothing. One thing that you have got to make sure of during winter is wearing layers. After that, you want to make sure that you have a coat that is suitable for winter. That means that it has got to be waterproof as well as thick.

There are many wonderful fashion trends at the moment and that is including puffer jackets. However, there are far more styles out there to choose from when it comes to a jacket. It just depends on what you prefer as well as the current fashion trends. Time to put those tracksuits away and put on those winter jackets.

Thick Fleece

Fleece is very much in the trend at the moment for men’s fashion. There are many brands out there that design fleece jackets this time of year. Patagonia and Carhartt are two brands that make high-quality jackets that are great for this time of year.

Fleece jackets never used to be in fashion but they very much are now.  Fleeces are very common in vintage stores and, you can find some great deals on branded fleeces there. It is safe to say that they are very much on-trend with menswear fashion.

Lightweight Jackets

Lightweight jackets are a must-buy if you use public transport a lot. Trains/ trams and buses can get extremely warm during rush hour. The last thing that you want is a large parka jacket when you are surrounded by other people.

Make sure you wear plenty of layers when wearing this jacket. With it being lightweight, it is easy to carry around with you or put in your bag if you are too warm. During the winter, it is better to be too warm than too long. We will give you a heads up though. We recommend that you do not wear a light jacket when the temperature is below zero.

Parka Coats

The parka jacket has been a menswear fashion trend for several years. For the simple solution of keeping warm, the parka jacket is the one for winter. Make sure that the material is waterproof for when it is raining.

If you are not quite sure what the parka style jacket looks like, think of Liam Gallagher. It was a classic style in the 90s and has carried on through to now. There are options with the parka jacket as well. You can either purchase them with a good or they can be without. Try to get a parka coat with a hood. That way, it protects you from the wind and the snow/ rain.

To Conclude

There are many styles out there. These are just the three jackets that we believe are the most fashionable for 2021/ 2022. They also are the best for this time of year. In all fairness, both the lightweight jacket and the fleece jacket are appropriate for the winter months. Puffer jackets are great for winter so make sure you look to buy in January for a mens puffer jacket sale.