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Reasons why sustainable clothing brands Matter a lot

With climate change and many problems going on, the fashion industry is changing. Sustainable brands create clothes saving humanity and the environment. All are made with unique concepts and it reduces the environmental impact as much as possible. Further, the ultimate goal is towards stopping the negative impact. The clothing industry is changing for the best. Philippine Clothing is also moving in a sustainable direction.

Reasons for moving to sustainable clothing

  1. It helps in saving natural resources

About 97% of the clothes are made using new resources. But only 3% are made from recycled materials. Further, this adds up to the annual cost of about 98 million tons. Recycled fibers are a far more sustainable option.

It reduces the virgin resources reducing the problem of global management. Certain oils are produced to make synthetic fibers. Sustainable products are welcomed properly in the environment now.

  • Sustainable clothing brands use less water

Water is a major resource in the fashion industry. Its mostly used in dyeing and cloth production. Additionally, this takes up about 2,700 liters of water for the dyeing. Cotton is so much dependent on water. It’s hard in places where water is very scarce.

Whereas when you are using organic cotton, its makes use of very less water. Only about 1% of the cotton is organic in the world. Sustainable clothing helps in saving a lot of water.

  • Sustainable clothing is healthy for the environment

The fast-fashion clothing undergoes so many chemical processes. It is not safe for the environment at all. Further, about 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used in the making of these fibers. Some of the chemicals are very dangerous for your health as well.

The chemicals absorb in your skin causing lots of diseases. You should wash the new clothes before wearing them. Traditional Filipino Clothes have gone the traditional style and are going sustainable.

  • Sustainable clothes make you fall in love with fashion again

It’s easy to look gorgeous but when you choose sustainable clothes, it’s good for society too. There are downsides to using chemical processes. You should impact all the buying decisions. Saving the environment and human is your responsibility and affects the future.

If you want to be a part of the solution, you should listen to the problem too. When you are spending money, think about the world in all.

  • Sustainable fashion saves animal lives

The fashion industry loves killing animals and it is not a good sign at all. But when you are talking about sustainability, there is the use of cruelty-free products. The bags are created from recycled products.

Leather is most demanded nowadays. This is one fabric made using pineapple leaves. It gives a product creating a whole new purpose.


If you want to change in the industry, you should be the change. Reduce the pressure and create a balance between the planet and people. Clothing plays such a crucial role in your life. Educate yourself about the clothing industry and raise awareness as much as possible.