Modern yet Traditional Dressing Styles to Ponder

Fashion helps define who we are. With regard to everything from color choice to fashion sense, it is a declaration of one’s individuality and how we stand out from the crowd. This is akin to how a country’s traditional dress or national costume symbolizes its cultural heritage. It could have a secret history and meaning of its own, which can be very intriguing.

If you happen to be traveling through Asia, you must look out for this exquisite traditional attire. By adding a modern twist to Asian beauty and Western sexuality, these timeless statement pieces, which you can buy at a discount with Vogacloset Coupons, can give you some ideas.

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An angrakha kurti with a skirt.

You may be aware of the allure that an Angrakha kurti can produce. When worn separately, they make fantastic party dresses. Yes, you got it right. They will match your skirt for a more upscale appearance.

Whether that is midi-length or full-length, the skirt you have in your closet can liven up the complete look when worn with an Angrakha kurti. For a refined, desi look, finish off the outfit with flats or medium heels, a handbag, and some second-hand bangles.

Cover it with a saree.

There is a craze for crop tops. They are admired for their adaptability and for making such a great fashion statement. They are an essential piece of clothing. You can wear them with your jeans and a variety of western outfits, over a skirt, or alone.

They may be swapped out for a saree blouse to instantly enhance the glam factor. Combining a traditional saree with a crop top for a modern touch gives you the undoubtedly stylish “hatke” appearance. 

Long and maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts radiate style and sophistication. With a tank top or a trendy shirt, you can wear them for everyday casual outings. Next time, add a kurti to your maxi to up the fashion factor. Choose a plain maxi skirt and combine it with any printed kurta, long or short.

Try pairing a printed maxi with a simple kurta or one that has embellishments on the neck and armholes. Add further emphasis to the style with hoop earrings and bangles. Here, the footwear is crucial because it would complete the entire desi style.

Therefore, you should choose either mojris or jootis, nothing more or less. Alternately, you can match kohlapuris, but a jooti would make the outfit seem the best.

Put on palazzos.

If you believe that palazzos should only be worn with tops, you’re completely mistaken! Next time, give them a creative twist by pairing them with your preferred short kurti. Choose a front-slit short kurti or an Angrakha kurti with a crushed or pleated palazzo.

Pair a vibrant Georgette palazzo in a contrasting hue with a high-neck kurti or a plain one. 

Final Thoughts

In fact, the greatest way to respect and accept a nation’s culture is to incorporate it into your regular attire. Try something fresh, be creative, and add a few modern accents to these traditional outfits.

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