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5 ways to style a sweater this spring

Although fall is officially known as sweater weather, these garments seem to be given a second life during spring. Wearing a simple outfit made of sweater and jeans or a skirt is of course a safe bet, but spicing it up with additional accessories and layers will make it look extra interesting and stylish. Today, we’ll go over 5 simple ways to dress up a basic sweater in a fun and unique way.

Crew neck sweater + shirt

Let’s start with a tried-and-true piece of clothing: the crew neck sweater. It’s a lovely piece in and of itself, but it’ll look much better with a shirt that can be seen from below. If you wear it in black and white, it’ll be excellent for students or those who have to stick to a dress code, but if you mix various colors, like a bright green crew neck sweater with a red or yellow shirt, it’ll be a fun ensemble to wear out or for a walk.

Sweater + cardigan

Wear a basic, neutral-colored jumper with a chunkier cardigan as Irish sweaters for a look that’s straight out of the magazines. This outfit is not only comfy and cozy, making it ideal for cold spring days, but it is also highly popular since Irish sweater cardigans have had a comeback and do not seem to go away from the fashion trends anytime soon. Given the popularity of wool Irish sweaters, they’re easy to find both in stores and online, for example in shops like Wear an outfit like this for any event, and mix patterns and stitches for a more intriguing look.

V-neck sweater + scarf

If your V-neck sweater is a basic color like white, beige, or black, a colorful scarf around your neck may bring a pop of color to your ensemble. A vibrant silk scarf will give your outfit a feminine, sophisticated touch while also highlighting your neck, making it appear longer and thinner. Go for shorter and more colorful scarves, as they are exactly what your outfit needs in order to be more elegant and alluring. 

Sweater + another sweater

A combination that not too many people think about, your basic sweater outfit will look better if you simply tie another sweater around your shoulders. For a look that seems expensive and put together, make sure that they are of the same neutral color and thickness, but you can also make it colorful and fun and combining sweaters of different hues and patterns. If worn with some basic trousers and white sneakers, this outfit will be comfortable and stylish.

Turtleneck sweater + wool dress

Woolen dresses are something that many of us seem to have forgotten about, but such a garment is a lovely piece to experiment in, especially during the earlier, colder spring days. A thin turtleneck layered with a sleeveless woolen dress can make an elegant attire, and depending on the design of the dress, such a combination can be worn both by young teenage girls and by women in their late fifties.

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