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5 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Weight Loss


Well, one of the foods that are good for consumption as a diet menu is sweet potatoes. With a sweet taste and soft texture, this one tuber can be a variety of delicious and healthy food.

The nutritional content in it can help us reach the ideal body weight effectively. The following has summarized five benefits of sweet potatoes for weight loss, including:

1. Low in calories

One of the main factors influencing weight loss is maintaining a negative energy balance. This means that we must consume fewer calories, and burn more energy.

Well, sweet potatoes have low calorie levels, so you don’t have to worry about eating them. One slice of sweet potato weighing 120 grams contains only 112 calories. By eating two slices of sweet potato, your stomach will feel full, without having to consume excess calories.

2. Rich in fiber

Not only are they low in calories, sweet potatoes are also rich in dietary fiber. The fiber content will form a kind of gel in the stomach, and create a feeling of fullness in the longer time.

In addition, dietary fiber will also reduce hunger hormone levels, slow digestion, and increase blood sugar stability.

In fact, according to the results of research in 2019 published in the Journal of Nutrition, dietary fiber intake can help you lose weight, and increase discipline when dieting.

3. Good source of carbohydrates

Even though you are on a diet to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you forget about carbohydrate intake. This one nutrient serves as a source of energy for the body.

Instead, choose the type of complex carbohydrates, because the nutritional content is more varied, plus rich in fiber. Complex carbohydrates also will not cause a spike in blood sugar.

At least 328 grams of mashed sweet potato contains 58 grams of total carbohydrates, and 8.2 grams of which are complex carbohydrates.

4. Rich water

One of the reasons why sweet potatoes are so good to eat as a diet menu is their high water content. In fact, when the body is dehydrated, the metabolic processes will also slow down. Eating sweet potatoes can help re-hydrate body cells, and increase metabolism.

This will prevent fat deposits in the body, balance the pH, and remove toxins from the body. The high water content in sweet potatoes will keep us full longer.

5. Low glycemic index

Even though it tastes sweet, it turns out that sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, you know. This glycemic index can affect blood sugar levels, and if the levels are high, it can cause a spike in blood sugar. Blood sugar instability will make us feel hungry and hungry, and increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Fortunately, boiled sweet potatoes only have a glycemic index of 44-61, while roasted sweet potatoes are 82. So, we can still enjoy them without having to worry that efforts to lose weight will fail. In order to take ProVen supplements even faster, many people have tried them. Interested? please visit the official website here proven reviews